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Chocolate and Coconut Cupcakes

Jan 29, 2015

London is one of the places I absolutely adore. You probably know that by now, after all the story with the oh-so-awesome afternoon tea and the unforgettable scones.

Another thing I wanted to do in the 3-day-long trip was to buy some books and CDs, even though that nowadays with Kindle and iPod no one else buy these things anymore sight.

But that's the issue with travelling light with only hand luggage: I often have no space to store my purchases and need to board the plane with some odd bags full of clothes. Since I wanted to buy some mugs, CDs and a couple of other very useful stuff, I had only one small space for a cookbook on the bottom of my suitcase.

So off I went to Waterstones, wanting to bring the whole store with me. Since that wasn't possible, I settled for The Hummingbird Bakery cookbook just because it looked yummy and it was packed with a hundred of gourgeous and delicious recipes. So it was the best I would do with little space.

It couldn't be a better choice: so far I've done several of the recipes, and sometimes even more than once.

These cupcakes are a good example of that. With a change here and there, I changed it to make it more pleasant to the crowds at home, which included adding a gooey, awesome coconut filling and a piece of Bounty at the top.

You can use this filling to make what we call in Brazil "beijinho": cooked condensed milk with coconut shaped into bite-size balls and covered in granulated sugar or coconut flakes.

If you're looking for a one-recipe-pleases-all cupcake recipe, I would recommend you to give it a go -- you will be pleased as much as I was with my cookbook choice, despite wanting to bring everything with me.


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