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Cinnamon Raisin Whole Wheat Bagels

Jan 29, 2015
Cinnamon Raisin Whole Wheat Bagels

I've been travelling around the world for a few years now, but since I do it on my own means, it often means I purchase the cheapest ticket available or it's an awarded trip with miles.

Last year, when we were planning our trips for this year, we bought a ticket from São Paulo to Panama connecting in Atlanta because that was the cheapest ticket available at that time (because yes, it doesn't make sense to go all the way to the US to then go back around to half the way… but you know… it was cheap!). As a bonus, it included a 12 hour waiting in Atlanta… so I was preparing myself mentally for that because I was going to be as tired as hell.

I'm used to long trips connecting in the US, because that was often the way I used to come back to Brazil while liviing in Russia. I don't mind the long connection, but long flights usually kill my back (well, everyone's back, I suppose!).

However, this time things were different…
Since we were flying often from Russia > Brazil or Russia > US, last year my husband collected a bunch of air miles and got himself an Elite status in this particular air company. This gives him priority boarding, access to lounges and when a flight is overbooked, he is one of the first to get an upgrade.

So what wasn't our surprise when we, already inside the plane, were told that they were upgrading us both to business class! That was really awesome because, after all this time, I hadn't not even once flown anywhere on Business, let alone with a free upgrade.

The flight itself was a bit more turbulent than usual, which didn't let me sleep properly. But what I was anticipating more, the flight service, was absolutely great.
I didn't take any pictures because unfortunately I wasn't sitting next to the window and the cabin lights were off. But everything served was really good, it was a looong way far from the usual plain, awful, tasteless airplane food.

Once we landed, I went straight to the airport lounge, where they serve some really good bagels on the breakfast. It wasn't my first time with these bagels neither with airport lounges (since in some places you can purchase one-day passes, which I often do), but it was a perfect start to what was going to be a very long connexion.

These bagels were inspired in those served at the lounge, with the exception I'm using whole wheat flour here. I had some left at home when I baked it and wanted to try it with something new. The flavor was just perfect, with the right amount of the traditional chewiness of the bagel and an awesome crust on the outside.

The step-by step is pretty standard: make the dough, fill it with cinnamon and raisins, cut and shape your buns, boil and bake them. Easy and simple as that :)

With cream cheese or jam, this is as amazing as it looks. And if you don't like raisins, you can substitute it for dried cranberries, cherries or make it plain. Trust me, you must do it!


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