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Fourth Week @ Intensive Basic Patisserie

May 08, 2015

The last week was a bit bittersweet for me. Even though I was happy to be doing well with the classes, I was really sad that it was almost over. With all the work we have during classes and demonstrations, time flies by. And when you realize, you're packing your things again and saying goodbye to Paris (which is harder than it looks, believe me!).

On Monday we were making this nice tart called Mogador, which is basically a chocolate genoise filled with raspberry seed jam and chocolate mousse.
I liked it, but it wasn't one of my favorites.

The last recipe that could make into our exam was this gorgeous and delicious Pithivier, made of flaky puff pastry and a buttery almond filling. By then I was almost comfortable making puff pastry and didn't have much trouble making this one. Another favorite!

But by far, my favorite is the pistachio log cake we made on Thursday. The flavors in it blend very well -- pistachio cake with dark chocolate ganache and kirsch syrup -- and it is drop dead gorgeous. When I saw the final result, I was amazed on how I improved over the weeks. I was really, really happy with the result and felt very proud of myself.

And by the end of the week, our last practical class covered this chocolate cake, also filled with ganache and decorated with marzipan flowers.

On Saturday we had our last demonstration, which was a Bergamot-Chocolate entremet but this one we didn't had a practical class (which is very unfortunate).

Then I spent my last weekend in Paris studying for the final test and trying to relax a bit, because everything was almost done.

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