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Nutella French Toast with Caramelized Apples

May 08, 2019

Oh hey, hi!

Yes, I know, I've abandoned this little corner on the internet. I really did. And not to apologize or anything (it's been three years after all) but it's been quite about a crazy ride ever since the last time I've been around.

To summarize in a few, I've basically came from working as a pastry chef, to not working as a pastry chef anymore, then to work as a food technologist (best work in my life so far) then to become a mom (!!!!) and now here I am on the middle of my maternity leave kinda picking up some of the pieces I've left behind.

I truly love cooking, I truly love photographing but sometimes things get a little bit in the way. And to be honest, one of the main drivers of me NOT posting - albeit still cooking/baking/photographing regularly - was that somehow I was still looking for a voice, for a way to portrait my recipes that would make justice to the vision I had. So a few weeks ago, much without reason, I started taking some courses and fine tuning some aspects of what goes in regularly posting in a blog (like developing a cohesive vision, improving my photography, understanding what I'd really like to post and so on) and for the first time in a very long time I feel excited to share the things I like with all of you again.

This time I'll try not to aim for perfection (another reason why I wasn't posting as often, and then not at all), but for little improvements here and there. My life is not the same as three years ago so why should my blog be the same, or the recipes I'm willing to post be the same?

So thanks for being around, and hope you enjoy this new version, the recipes and all that is coming up next here!


Creamy Fudge Filling

Shelf-stable for 7 days, extremely adaptable and price-conscious filling recipe. This one stays creamy even after refrigerating or freezing without changes to texture or taste. Freaking. Game. Changer.

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