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Raspberry Rose Financiers

Jul 01, 2019

Recently I've been leaning towards making more and more desserts that take minimum time to be prepared (if made in one bowl or two, whoa, even better!) but that still have that elegant flair, that je ne sais quoi to wow my mouth and my eyes as well.

And that's all because of Ben, the best baby in the universe (obviously!). As a six-month old baby, he obviously wants me around as much as possible and I have to say, it's an absolute pleasure to be around him. I can't complain about his behavior at all. He's not super fussy and he's usually content if I'm in the kitchen singing to him while he's in the living room playing with his toys and trying to crawl under my sofa (I think he still doesn't understand what "no, this is dangerous" mean).

But like every baby, it's not like I can do it for more than 15-20 minutes at a time. He is understanding but not that much yet. I do try, sometimes, to put him in the stroller next to me in the kitchen and yeah, I try to explain to him what I'm doing but recently he's not much interested in it anymore (at around 2 months he loved to see me cracking eggs, measuring flour but well... not so much now). So since now time is precious, fast (or fast-ish...) desserts is what's on the menu most of the days. These financiers are a great example of fast, pretty and fresh for summer days.

I had a bunch of raspberries in my fridge as well as frozen, and while you can use both without major issues, I think the frozen ones kept their colors better after the baking process. But it's up to you and what you can find more easily around your area.

As for the egg whites, it's a great way to use any leftovers you may have from curds or ice cream but you can also use carton egg whites (that's what I did). It's that easy.

Lastly, I've used rectangular silicone molds but you can swap them for muffin molds (either regular or mini), just watch out for the cooking time, since it might bake faster.

Other than that, you can swap the raspberries for any other berry (frozen or fresh), or bake them on their own without any berries for a fast treat to drink with your coffee or tea.

And how's that for a fast, versatile and tasty dessert?



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