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Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake Brownie Bars

Jul 22, 2019

I've been a fan of lemon bars for a long time (and I do make a mean one, I'll share it someday) but this concept of brownie bars was something that I only came across very recently. I've done some experimentation with brownies with my brownie fraisier a couple years ago, but had never thought of mixing it up with cheesecake on top. And I gotta tell you, I wish I had done it earlier!

This recipe is for those who want to indulge but don't like to go with something too sweet. The espresso powder on the brownie makes a lot of difference since it tones the overall sweetness a bit while giving a subtle aroma which I love.

For the coulis to swirl on top, I find that you can either use fresh berries, frozen berries or pre-made purees since it will all be cooked down to a thicker texture, so use whatever you have in hand. I've used fresh here because - like always - I bought way too many berries on my way to the supermarket. Just make sure to strain the coulis before cooling down if using whole berries.

This is a super easy recipe (most things done in just one bowl) that you can prepare in advance for a party or even just for yourself. I'm pretty sure you'll also be asking how you could have lived so far without these bars. I know I did :)


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